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About Clara

Clara Crenshaw has spent her life taking care of others. First as a mother and then as a registered nurse in North Carolina where she helped to care for children, the elderly and the sick.


Clara was a pioneer in the medical insurance industry for over 30 years. She lead the team that helped develop current HIPPA regulations and was a part of the the current federal medical insurance program for government employees.


After retirement from the corporate sector Clara Crenshaw continued to be a leader within her church and community as she has aided seniors and others through the mission’s ministry. Although Clara has had some medical issues of her own, she still desires to be a helping hand to others.


Clara’s Care was conceived with the vision to create a voice for the silent, hands for the helpless, and feet to walk out her mission of service and support, enabling seniors and the less fortunate to obtain assistance for prescription drugs and other medical products and services.


Our Purpose

The Mission

Our mission is to provide support for seniors and low income families who need assistance with medications and other health services. 

At Clara’s Care, working  alongside our community partners and allies, we provide help with the following: 

  • Referrals for Financial Copay Assistance 
  • Emergency Financial Essential Prescription Assistance 
  • Referrals to Local/Community Agencies 

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